On a journey to our origins with inspiration and emotion, art in movement, timeless and responsible, made in Portugal.

Deliveries in 24 hours for orders placed before 12pm in mainland Portugal

Our work has as its main focus the creation of timeless pieces , through design and quality, selecting noble materials , indigenous to our country , natural materials and techniques with history and imbued with emotion .

We choose the most effective, renewable and durable fabrics
Made from an extra soft, fresh and light fabric.


They have a high waist, with a wide, elegant and fluid style and large pleats at the front. Easily combined for a relaxed or more sophisticated style.- Certified ProViscose®

Tradition, creativity and innovation


The history and emotion of the Alentejo blanket combined with the comfort of a light and timeless wool velvet, in a unique piece. Comfortable, warm, sustainable and made in Portugal.

Meet the designer and founder

Benedita Formosinho

Benedita Formosinho is driven by the desire to revalue details, manual techniques and ancestral Portuguese knowledge.

Along the way, in contact with previous generations, he has learned about materials, techniques and experienced partnerships with artisans and small local productions.