Ecological, ethical and sustainability practices | Design

How can design align with social good?

The origin of our materials

The choice of our materials is very important to us. We choose more effective, renewable and durable fabrics, while encouraging consumers to preserve and love their pieces for a long time.

We select natural, recycled and sustainable materials with low environmental impact, originating in Portuguese factories.

We also work with traditional and indigenous raw materials from various regions of Portugal, worked by local artisans.

We work with materials such as organic and recycled cotton, linen, wool, cupro, lyocell, viscose ecovero and deadstock, leftovers - we believe that using what already exists is always better than producing new (leftover fabric that we save from landfill and give a new life ).

Production of Our Materials


The Benedita Formosinho brand believes in the concept of Fair Trade

All pieces are ethically manufactured in Portugal in limited quantities.

Small-scale production involves a closer relationship with people, better quality control and a sense of individuality.

We consider the people who make the clothes as important as the people who wear them.

We believe that it is very important to have a close relationship with all of our employees. Based on dialogue, transparency and respect.

It contributes to sustainable development, offering better commercial conditions and ensuring the rights of producers and workers. Proudly made in Portugal.

We Recycle Our Waste

It is one of our focuses. We have a partnership with a Portuguese company that has a certified system through which waste is transformed into new yarn.

After delivering our waste to the factory, it is separated by quality and color. This way, the impact of this process is immediately reduced, as it is not necessary to dye the yarn to obtain the desired color, as well as the material.

This process uses no synthetic chemicals and wastes no water. No dyes or chemicals are used, as the yarn results in the colors and qualities of the scraps used in the production of the yarn.

To demonstrate this, this company (J Gomes) is certified by the Global Recycle Standard - GRS - which guarantees the chain of good environmental and social practices.

Our Packaging

Our packaging is made in recycled paper boxes, scraps of paper that we have in our workshop from our suppliers and which we reuse, giving them a new life.

We use dried flowers and hemp yarn made with our utmost care and love.

Certifications of our Fabric Suppliers